Custom Made Software

Custom Made Software For Yachts

The technology has been developed for use onboard yachts high-end, replacing existing systems that are often too complex, bulky and expensive.

LAVIE Systems

LAVIE Systems has transformed the standard systems on board of yachts with state-of-the-art technology that has been perfected into the solution for all media needs. Meanwhile Mr. Smith supplied over 30 yachts and houses worldwide with custom made solutions.

Our suppliers

By using other suppliers and making a smart match by make use of products available world-wide, there is no long waiting line if something does break down or has a problem. With suppliers as Bowers & Wikings, Apple, Yamaha, LG (preferred supplier off) and several other high-end brands we can service the system world-wide.


At Mr. Smith we want to create the feeling that you enter a personalised area with user-friendly and affordability as main ingredients. To date, Mr. Smith has the most modular system with the lowest number of components and easy-to-use software application for iPad and iPhone.

With an extensive team of experts, we develop all software in-house so feel free to challenge us any time to find out what we can do for you.

One of the special products that we developed is an app called ‘Panello’. This app connects with the onboard bus systems like NMEA2000 to create a complete customisable dashboard to monitor and control your vessel. This way you can create a full functioning engine display with control functions to monitor and operate your systems onboard your tender/yacht.

In combination with van Geest design we developed an iPad docking system which can be mounted on almost every surface, on a wall but also inside a bed stand table. With an in-built charger the iPad is always near you and fully charged to check out the latest movies or music on our entertainment system.

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For more information on Mr. Smith and LAVIE Systems, please feel free to contact Jacco van der Stelt or Eddie Kloosterman at +31 6 34 19 1273 or send an email to

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The benefits of Mr. Smith

  • Custom made offer
  • Expertise on entertainment
  • Software development in house
  • Sustainability

Recent Custom Made Software Projects

What we also offer


At Mr. Smith we aim to set up the best system possible in your room, cabin, in short for where ever you are. Personal contact is of virtue to set up a user-friendly system, easy to use and moreover a hands-on personal environment.

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LAVIE Systems

LAVIE Systems is unique compared to other suppliers in the market. The system easily transforms any area into a personalised environment, with flexibility, user-friendliness and affordability as key ingredients.

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