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What Mr. Smith can do for you

LAVIE Systems

LAVIE Systems is unique compared to other suppliers in the market. The system easily transforms any area into a personalised environment, with flexibility, user-friendliness and affordability as key ingredients.


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Custom Made Software

Personalized and always the latest features! The technology has originally been developed for use in high-end hotels and theme parks, replacing existing systems that are often too complex, bulky and expensive.


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At Mr Smith we aim to set up the best system possible in your room, cabin, in short for where ever you are. Personal contact is of virtue to set up a user-friendly system, easy to use and moreover a hands-on personal environment.


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We Understand Business

Mr. Smith is a Dutch company with years of experience delevering easy to use full service entertainment systems for super yachts. LAVIE Systems offers the most advanced solution in the industry at an affordable price. Years of experience in building systems for yachts differing in size from 30 to 85 meter has resulted in an integrated system that is guaranteed to deliver your favorite media content anywhere and anytime.

Our mission

The main office of Mr Smith is located in Nijmegen,The Netherlands. With over 5 years of experience in delivering easy to use-full service entertainment systems for superyachts called LAVIE Systems, we aim to be the preferred supplier of entertainment systems in the superyacht industry at an affordable price.