Entertainment system integration

Usability is the key

LAVIE Systems is a full-service solution for all your individual entertainment needs. A unique system that separates itself from the competition in usability, durability, affordability and very easy to use where-ever you are. If there is a malfunction or an App needs to be updated, our support department is there to assist you.

Everything LAVIE Systems does is aimed at delivering the greatest possible entertainment experience on board of your yacht. Every solution is tailor made to suit your individual needs. We only use equipment from the best brands in consumer electronics, like Bang & Olufsen, Lingdorf & Steinway, Philips, Samsung and Sonance.

Usability is key, so everything can be controlled from our specially designed App for iPhone and iPad. By using this app, we want to make sure the ultimate entertainment experience is delivered in the easiest possible way. Most of our new developments only require a software update which can easily can be done remote. As we put the customer first, we want to invite you to contact us and let us make you an offer to satisfy your personal needs for your custom-made entertainment system.

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