LAVIE Systems

LAVIE Systems

LAVIE Systems: Custom made AV System

LAVIE Systems is unique compared to other suppliers in the market. The system easily transforms any area into a personalised environment, with flexibility, user-friendliness and affordability as key ingredients.

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Lighting system integration

Audio system integration

Video system integration

Internet integration

Entertainment system integration

With the Apple TV remote-app you can operate your Apple TV with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This feature is integrated in our system and is easy to use.

With the Apple TV 4K you can watch all your personal movies and series in excellent 4K quality using our LAVIE Light app. The app allows the use of an apple TV to access the same content database as you use in any area with a LAVIE client installed. All your content will be available without the use of iTunes home sharing. Your favourite channels can be streamed live, and you have the access to content of apps as Amazon, Prime Video, Netflix and iTunes.

Need to be on call 24/7? The LAVIE crew call system is able to link any call or paging system next to the messages generated and displayed within the AV system itself. Easy to use, via iPad, iPhone and iWatch. Also, a crew call overview page is available to manage the outstanding and answered calls on an iPad.

LAVIE Systems also can integrate a CCTV system (Closed Circuit Television). This is a connection over a closed circuit or network. We can integrate this in our LAVIE System easily, so you can see 24/7 what is going on.

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For more information on Mr Smith and LAVIE Systems, please feel free to contact Jacco van der Stelt or Eddie Kloosterman at +31 6 34 19 1273 or send an email to

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The benefits of Mr. Smith

  • Custom made offer
  • Expertise on entertainment
  • Software development in house
  • Sustainability

Recent LAVIE System Projects

What we also do


At Mr Smith we aim to set up the best system possible in your room, cabin, in short for where ever you are. Personal contact is of virtue to set up a user-friendly system, easy to use and moreover a hands-on personal environment.

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Custom Made Software

The technology has originally been developed for use in high-end hotels and theme parks, replacing existing systems that are often too complex, bulky and expensive. LAVIE Systems has transformed the standard systems on board of yachts.

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