Lighting System Integration

Personalise your environment

We believe that no system is complete without a programme to create a personal environment by controlling the lighting in a room or cabin.

With the use of our Mr. Smith app, you can change the lighting to adapt to your mood, so personalize your environment with the full-service solutions LAVIE Systems has to offer.

To obtain the best information and advice, we always solicit the best; Rogier van der Heide, to create a lighting experience you will never forget. He has created lighting projects for prestigious clients around the world, including high profile projects such as the National Museum of Science, London and Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. We want to bring technology, design and user friendliness together in a single, holistic solution.

LAVIE System can easily be integrated in Lutron, DMX, KNX, Yachtica, Philips HUE and other light protocols. Also, integration with other systems looking at airco, ventilation & heating (Heinen & Hopman, Webasto, Condataria and other) is not a problem.

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